AA Power Station – Car Jump Starter Tyre Inflator AA1678

AA Power Station – Car Jump Starter Tyre Inflator AA1678

AA Power Station – Car Jump Starter Tyre Inflator AA1678

The AA Power Station is a must-have accessory for every car owner. This versatile device serves as both a car jump starter and a tyre inflator, providing you with the peace of mind and convenience you need on the road.

Key Features

Jump Start Your Vehicle

With the AA Power Station, you can easily jump start petrol vehicles up to 2.5L and diesels 1.6L. No more waiting for roadside assistance or relying on the help of strangers. Take control of your car’s battery and get back on the road in no time.

Inflate Your Tyres

Never worry about flat tyres again. The AA Power Station comes with a 60cm air hose and can inflate your tyres up to 150 PSI/10 BAR. Whether you’re on a long road trip or just need a quick top-up, this device has got you covered.

LED Light and Flashlight

Stay safe and visible in any situation with the built-in LED work light and flashlight. Whether you’re changing a tyre at night or need to illuminate your surroundings, the AA Power Station has you covered.

USB Output

Charge your devices on the go with the convenient USB output. Keep your phone, tablet, or other electronic devices powered up and ready for use, even when you’re away from a power source.


If you encounter any issues with your AA Power Station, here are some troubleshooting steps you can follow:

1. Check the Instruction Manual

Make sure you are charging the Tyre Inflator in the correct way. Refer to the instruction manual for detailed instructions on how to use and charge the device.

2. Regularly Charge the Device

To ensure sufficient electricity storage, it is recommended to charge the device regularly between 4-6 months. This will help maintain the battery’s performance and extend its lifespan.

3. Check Clamps Connection

Ensure that the clamps are connected firmly and correctly to the battery terminals. Loose or incorrect connections may prevent the device from functioning properly.


The AA Power Station is a reliable and versatile companion for every car owner. With its ability to jump start vehicles, inflate tyres, provide light, and charge devices, it offers convenience and peace of mind on the road. Don’t let a dead battery or flat tyre ruin your day – be prepared with the AA Power Station.