Border Biscuits 5 Varieties Twin Pack 100

Border Biscuits 5 Varieties Twin Pack 100

Border Biscuits 5 Varieties Twin Pack 100

About the Product

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Biscuit Selection Pack

Each of our mini packs contains 2 perfectly-formed biscuits in 5 irresistible signature flavours. This handy variety pack biscuit hamper is perfect for sharing with friends, or even just as an indulgent treat to enjoy at home.

Mouthwatering Flavours

Delve into our delicious range of classic flavours inspired by recipes we all know and love – Butterscotch Crunch, Golden Oat Crumbles, Viennese Whirls, Chocolatey Cookies, and Shortbread Rings, all in biscuit multipacks.

Individually Wrapped Biscuits

We have carefully sealed our biscuits in a handy, foil-lined pack to ensure the freshness and taste remains locked inside. Our chocolate biscuits selection is perfect anytime as a snack or treat on the go.

Beautifully Crafted

We ensure every biscuit is expertly crafted to create the perfect crunch. One of life’s little joys and our greatest passion for over 35 years, we believe our biscuits should be exceptional and we’re proud to make them just that.

Premium Family Business

We are proud to be Scotland’s number 1 premium biscuit brand, using recipes with only good quality, well-sourced ingredients. To help the environment, we have now proudly reduced our plastic packaging by 90%.