Douglas Laboratories Methyl Folate L-5-MTHF | 1000 mcg Metafolin | 60 Tablets

Douglas Laboratories Methyl Folate L-5-MTHF | 1,000 mcg Metafolin | 60 Tablets

Douglas Laboratories Methyl Folate L-5-MTHF

About the Product

Douglas Laboratories Methyl Folate L-5-MTHF is a high-quality dietary supplement formulated to provide beneficial support in filling important nutrient gaps. It contains 1,000 mcg of Metafolin, which is identical to the naturally occurring form of folate found in the body. This form of folate, also known as 5-MTHF, is directly usable by the body and has been shown to be the only form of folate to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Supports Overall Health

Folate, an essential B vitamin, plays a crucial role in various processes in the body. It is found in many foods, including leafy green vegetables, citrus fruits, and beans. However, some individuals may have difficulty obtaining sufficient folate from their diet alone. Douglas Laboratories Methyl Folate L-5-MTHF provides a convenient and reliable way to ensure adequate folate intake, supporting overall health and well-being.

Vitamins/Minerals/Amino Acids

This dietary supplement is carefully formulated to not only provide the necessary amount of folate but also to fill other important nutrient gaps. It contains a balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that work synergistically to support optimal health. By incorporating Douglas Laboratories Methyl Folate L-5-MTHF into your daily routine, you can ensure that your body receives the essential nutrients it needs to function at its best.

Uncompromising Quality

At Douglas Laboratories, we prioritize quality and safety. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities surpass GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) standards and manufacturing regulations. We are committed to delivering products that meet the highest quality standards and are free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs). With 65 years of experience, Douglas Laboratories is a globally recognized leader in the development of innovative, science-based nutritional supplements.

Pushing Potential for a Healthier Future

Our mission is to help healthcare professionals and their patients push their potential to live healthier lives, both today and in the future. By providing reliable and effective nutritional supplements like Douglas Laboratories Methyl Folate L-5-MTHF, we aim to support individuals in achieving their health goals. Trust Douglas Laboratories for high-quality supplements that are backed by science and designed to optimize your well-being.

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