Ferplast Car Carrier for Dogs: The Perfect Solution for Safe and Comfortable Travel

Ferplast Car Carrier for Dogs: The Perfect Solution for Safe and Comfortable Travel

Traveling with your beloved furry friends can be a delightful experience, but it’s essential to ensure their safety and comfort during the journey. That’s where the Ferplast Car Carrier for Dogs comes in. This innovative product is designed to provide a secure and convenient solution for transporting your pets in your car.

Key Features

The Ferplast Car Carrier for Dogs is packed with features that make it the ideal choice for pet owners:

Ventilation Grids

One of the most crucial aspects of a car crate is proper ventilation. The Ferplast Car Carrier is equipped with ventilation grids that allow fresh air to circulate inside the crate, ensuring your pets stay cool and comfortable throughout the journey.

Sliding Doors

Unlike traditional wire crates with hinged doors, the Ferplast Car Carrier features sliding doors. This design eliminates the risk of the doors getting stuck or restricted by the lip of the car boot, providing easy access to your pets and ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Draining Pad

Accidents happen, especially during long journeys. The Ferplast Car Carrier comes complete with a hygienic draining pad that absorbs any spills or accidents, keeping the crate clean and odor-free. This feature is not only convenient for you but also ensures a comfortable and hygienic environment for your pets.

Convenience and Practicality

The Ferplast Car Carrier for Dogs is designed with your convenience in mind. It features two storage compartments, allowing you to carry essential items such as food, water, and toys for your pets. The crate is also equipped with practical handles, making it easy to carry and transport.

Measuring 72 x 41 x 51cm, the Ferplast Car Carrier is compact and lightweight, fitting perfectly into most hatchback cars. For added convenience, the crate can be supplied with a set of four wheels, making it even easier to transport your pets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many dogs can the Ferplast Car Carrier accommodate?

A: The Ferplast Car Carrier is designed to transport one or two dogs comfortably.

Q: Is the Ferplast Car Carrier suitable for all car models?

A: The Ferplast Car Carrier is designed to fit quickly into most hatchback cars. However, we recommend checking the dimensions of your car boot before purchasing to ensure a perfect fit.

Q: Can the Ferplast Car Carrier be used for other pets?

A: While the Ferplast Car Carrier is primarily designed for dogs, it can also be used to transport other small pets such as cats or rabbits.


When it comes to traveling with your pets, their safety and comfort should be your top priority. The Ferplast Car Carrier for Dogs offers a reliable and convenient solution, ensuring a secure and enjoyable journey for your furry friends. With its ventilation grids, sliding doors, draining pad, and practical features, this car crate is a must-have for any pet owner. Invest in the Ferplast Car Carrier and make every trip with your pets a memorable and stress-free experience.