Little Tikes Jett Car Racer Pink – Product Description

Little Tikes Jett Car Racer Pink – Product Description

Little Tikes Jett Car Racer Pink

The Little Tikes Jett Car Racer, Now Also In Pink, Is Built For Thrilling, Kid Powered Fun. They Control The Speed With The Pedals They Power, Which Means This Is Both Fun And Exercise In One. Easy Turning Handles Let Little Hands Make Tight Turns And The Rear Wheel Steering Provides Unique Maneuverability. Plus, The Off-Road Style Tires Mean You Can Ride Almost Anywhere. And The Adjustable Seat Back Lets This Cool, Pink Sport Racer Grow With Your Tikes. Ready, Set, Race!


  • Kid powered pedals let kids go as fast or slow as they want
  • Easy turning handles let little hands make tight turns and have total control
  • Rear wheel steering with dual handles lets kids have unique maneuverability
  • Adjustable seat back lets the sport racer grow with your Tikes
  • Rugged off-road style tires are great for all surfaces

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the recommended age range for this car racer?

The Little Tikes Jett Car Racer Pink is suitable for kids aged 3-10 years.

2. Can the seat be adjusted?

Yes, the seat back is adjustable, allowing the car racer to grow with your child.

3. Are the tires suitable for off-road use?

Yes, the rugged off-road style tires are designed to ride on various surfaces, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.


The Little Tikes Jett Car Racer Pink is a thrilling and fun kid-powered car that provides hours of entertainment for children aged 3-10 years. With its easy turning handles, rear wheel steering, and adjustable seat back, this sport racer offers unique maneuverability and grows with your child. Whether racing indoors or outdoors, the off-road style tires ensure a smooth ride on any surface. Get ready for an exciting race with the Little Tikes Jett Car Racer Pink!