MAPP Gas Torch – Portable Pure Copper Electronic Ignition Brazing Torch

MAPP Gas Torch – Portable Pure Copper Electronic Ignition Brazing Torch

MAPP Gas Torch – Portable Pure Copper Electronic Ignition Brazing Torch

Are you tired of carrying heavy gas cylinders while working on your projects? Look no further! Introducing the MAPP Gas Torch, a portable and convenient tool for all your brazing needs. With its ergonomic design and 1.5m hose, you can now work freely without the hassle of carrying a gas cylinder.


1.5M Hose Included

The MAPP Gas Torch comes with a 1.5m/59in long hose and an ergonomic handle design. This allows for greater working flexibility, whether you’re working under a car, kitchen sink, or sewer. Say goodbye to the limitations of a short hose and enjoy the freedom to move around.

Maximum Heat Output

Our propane gas torch uses high-quality vortex propane, ensuring a maximum heat output. With the ability to easily control the flame output by rotating the knob, you can adjust the flame to meet the needs of different welding projects. No more struggling with inconsistent heat!

Durable & Energy Saving

This blow torch plumbing tool is made of high-quality pure copper material, making it anti-rust and durable. It can self-ignite and self-close without the need for flint and igniter, ensuring convenience and safety. Save time and energy with our reliable and efficient torch.

Wide Use

The MAPP Gas Torch is suitable for a wide range of applications. With a maximum temperature of 1300°C/3000°F, it is perfect for welding 3/4″ copper pipes. Whether you need precision brazing, pipe welding, meat processing, thawing pipes, melting ice and snow, or even barbecues, this torch has got you covered.

Specifications & Precautions

Please use gas type: MAPP, MAP-PRO, propane gas. The connection standard is CGA600. Before attaching the torch to the gas cylinder, please ensure the valve is switched off by turning the knob in a clockwise direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this torch be used with both MAPP gas and propane?

Yes, the MAPP Gas Torch can run on both MAPP gas and propane. It comes with a 1.5m hose that can be easily connected to the gas tank.

2. Does this torch require manual ignition?

No, unlike conventional gas torches, our MAPP Gas Torch can be electronically ignited. It has a built-in ignition and flow regulator, as well as a flame lock for easy flame adjustment.

3. What is the highest welding temperature this torch can reach?

The highest welding temperature of the MAPP Gas Torch is more than 1300°C/2372°F, making it suitable for various welding and heat treatment applications.

4. Can this torch be used for cooking and grilling?

Yes, this torch is versatile and can be used for cooking, grilling, and even searing steaks. It is a multi-purpose tool that can handle various tasks.


The MAPP Gas Torch is a game-changer for anyone in need of a portable and efficient brazing torch. With its 1.5m hose, maximum heat output, and durable construction, it is the perfect tool for a wide range of applications. Say goodbye to heavy gas cylinders and hello to convenience and flexibility. Get your MAPP Gas Torch today and experience the difference!