MasonryDefender Chimney Flashing Sealer – Protect Your Chimney from Water Leaks

MasonryDefender Chimney Flashing Sealer – Protect Your Chimney from Water Leaks

MasonryDefender Chimney Flashing Sealer – Protect Your Chimney from Water Leaks


Welcome to the world of MasonryDefender Chimney Flashing Sealer! If you’re tired of dealing with water leaks in your chimney, then you’ve come to the right place. Our flexible coating is specifically designed to protect your chimney flashings from water damage, ensuring a leak-free and well-maintained chimney.

Benefits of MasonryDefender Chimney Flashing Sealer

  • Waterproofs chimney flashings
  • Prevents water leaks
  • Flexible coating adapts to chimney movements
  • Easy to apply
  • Durable and long-lasting

How Does It Work?

Our MasonryDefender Chimney Flashing Sealer is formulated with advanced technology that creates a protective barrier on your chimney flashings. This barrier effectively waterproofs the flashings, preventing any water from seeping through and causing leaks. The flexible nature of the coating allows it to adapt to the natural movements of your chimney, ensuring long-lasting protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply the MasonryDefender Chimney Flashing Sealer?

Applying our chimney flashing sealer is a breeze! Simply clean the surface of the flashings, ensuring they are free from dirt and debris. Then, using a brush or roller, evenly apply the sealer onto the flashings. Allow it to dry completely before exposing it to any moisture.

2. How long does the sealer last?

Our chimney flashing sealer is designed to be durable and long-lasting. With proper application and maintenance, it can provide protection for several years, even in harsh weather conditions.

3. Can I use this sealer on other surfaces?

While our sealer is specifically formulated for chimney flashings, it can also be used on other masonry surfaces that require waterproofing. However, we recommend consulting the product instructions or contacting our customer support for specific guidance.


Say goodbye to water leaks and hello to a well-protected chimney with MasonryDefender Chimney Flashing Sealer. Our flexible coating is the ultimate solution for keeping your chimney flashings waterproof and leak-free. Don’t let water damage ruin your chimney’s integrity – choose MasonryDefender Chimney Flashing Sealer today!

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