Nekton Biotin 700gm/1.54Lb Fruit for Bird Feathering

Nekton Biotin 700gm/1.54Lb Fruit for Bird Feathering

Nekton Biotin 700gm/1.54Lb Fruit for Bird Feathering

About Nekton Biotin

Nekton Biotin is a revolutionary product designed to promote bright and strong feather growth in birds. Feathers play a crucial role in a bird’s overall health and appearance. When a bird is not in top condition, it is visible in the plumage. Nekton Biotin provides the necessary vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, and calcium to ensure optimal feather development.

Easy to Use

Nekton Biotin is soluble in cold water, making it convenient to administer to your birds. It can be added to their drinking water or sprinkled over soft food. For small birds, simply make a few holes in the foil seal and sprinkle the product into the water or food. Detailed dosing instructions are included with the product to ensure proper usage.

Proven Track Record

Nekton Biotin has been trusted by zoos, aviaries, and veterinary hospitals for decades. Its unparalleled quality and effectiveness have made it a staple in the pet industry. The raw materials used in the production of Nekton supplements are of the highest quality, ensuring optimal results for your birds. The carefully balanced proportion of these materials in each product sets Nekton Biotin apart from other offerings.

Benefits of Nekton Biotin

  • Promotes the growth of strong and healthy plumage
  • Replaces all other supplements until desired feather quality is achieved
  • Detailed instructions included for easy usage

Product Name Change

The Nekton bio name is changing to Nekton Biotin, but rest assured, the product remains the same. The new name better reflects the key ingredient and its benefits for bird feathering. Experience the power of Nekton Biotin and witness the transformation in your bird’s plumage.