Retractable Stair Gate 180cm – Extra Wide Baby Safety Gate

Retractable Stair Gate 180cm – Extra Wide Baby Safety Gate

Retractable Stair Gate 180cm – Extra Wide Baby Safety Gate

About the Retractable Stair Gate 180cm

The Retractable Stair Gate 180cm by Double Elite is the perfect solution for keeping your child and pets safe. With its extra wide design and one-hand operation, this gate offers convenience and peace of mind.

Key Features

180cm Width and 80cm Height

With a width of 180cm, this retractable stair gate is the widest in the market. It is perfect for applications requiring larger width, such as hallways, corridors, wide stairs, and entrances. The mesh height of 80cm provides an ideal barrier for baby safety.

One-Hand Operation

The retractable baby safety gate can be easily opened and closed with just one hand, allowing you to hold your child securely. The retractable design ensures that the gate automatically retracts to a roll after release, taking up minimal space.

Upgraded Fittings and Easy Installation

Premium full sets of fittings are included with the stair gate, including extra skirting spacers, upgraded long stainless steel screws, and expansion pipes. These fittings make installation a breeze, and the gate can be easily adjusted to fit your specific needs.

Detachable Design

Unlike traditional metal safety gates that are fixed once installed, this baby gate is detachable and can be relocated. It comes with 2 sets of mounting fixings, allowing you to easily clip-on and clip-off the gate for use in multiple locations.

Perfect for Baby and Pet Safety

This retractable stair gate is not only suitable for babies aged 6-24 months, but also works as a pet gate for dogs and other pets weighing between 5-20 kgs. The durable mesh and double locking mechanism ensure the safety of your loved ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this gate be used at the top of the stairs?

No, it is not recommended to install this gate at the top of the stairs. It is designed for use in regular room openings, hallways, corridors, wide stairs, and entrances.

2. Is the gate easy to install?

Yes, the gate comes with upgraded fittings and detailed installation instructions. Additionally, a video tutorial is available to guide you through the installation process.

3. Can the gate be adjusted to fit different widths?

Yes, the gate is retractable and can be adjusted to fit widths up to 180cm. It also comes with extra spacers to accommodate different installation conditions.

4. Is the gate durable?

Yes, the gate is made with high-quality materials and features a double locking mechanism for added security. It is designed to withstand regular use and provide long-lasting protection.

In conclusion, the Retractable Stair Gate 180cm by Double Elite is a reliable and convenient solution for baby and pet safety. With its extra wide design, one-hand operation, and easy installation, this gate offers peace of mind for parents and pet owners alike. Get yours today and create a safe environment for your loved ones.