Tamiya – TRF511 Chassis Kit – Off Road Racer

Tamiya – TRF511 Chassis Kit – Off Road Racer


The Tamiya TRF511 Chassis Kit is an off-road racer that builds upon the success of the high-end 1/10 R/C Buggy TRF501X. This kit incorporates valuable lessons learned from road competitions to create a more user-friendly and competitive racing experience.

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About the Model

The TRF511 chassis kit retains the general layout of its predecessor, the TRF501X, but with numerous newly designed parts. These improvements not only make the kit lighter but also enhance ease of maintenance.

Improved Performance

Based on data collected from actual races, the suspension arms have been redesigned to deliver improved performance. The new drivebelts are stronger, more durable, and significantly reduce drive resistance.

Enhanced Efficiency

The TRF511 features an upper/lower separate type center bulkhead, which improves motor removal and installation efficiency. It also allows for easy adjustments of spur gear and pinion gear clearance settings.

Optimized Weight Balance

With a new battery position, the TRF511 offers improved weight balance, enhancing jumping and landing characteristics. This optimization contributes to better overall performance on the track.

Superior Stability and Turning Performance

The suspension’s new geometry guarantees greater stability and better turning performance, allowing drivers to navigate corners with precision and control.

Customization Options

The TRF511 chassis kit is compatible with a wide range of Grade-Up parts, allowing racers to further customize their machines to suit their preferences and racing style.

Required Items

Please note that this is a chassis-only kit. The following items are required separately:

  • 2-channel R/C system
  • Battery pack & charger
  • ESC
  • Body
  • Chassis cover
  • Rear wing
  • Tires

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does the TRF511 Chassis Kit come with a body and rear wing?

No, the TRF511 Chassis Kit does not include a body and rear wing. These items need to be purchased separately.

2. What additional items are required to complete the TRF511 Chassis Kit?

To complete the TRF511 Chassis Kit, you will need a 2-channel R/C system, battery pack and charger, ESC, body, chassis cover, rear wing, tires, and other tools.

3. Can I customize the TRF511 Chassis Kit?

Yes, the TRF511 Chassis Kit is compatible with a wide range of Grade-Up parts, allowing you to customize and personalize your machine according to your preferences.


The Tamiya TRF511 Chassis Kit is a high-performance off-road racer that combines user-friendliness with competitive performance. With its improved design, enhanced efficiency, and customization options, this kit offers an exciting and thrilling racing experience for RC enthusiasts. Get ready to hit the track and unleash the full potential of the TRF511 Chassis Kit!