Tobot V Ultra Commander Transforming Robot to Car

Tobot V Ultra Commander Transforming Robot to Car

Tobot V Ultra Commander Transforming Robot to Car

Introducing the Tobot V Ultra Commander, the ultimate transforming robot to car action figure! This innovative toy brings the excitement of the Tobot V Monster series to life. With its three-stage transformation, it offers endless possibilities for thrilling adventures.

Step 1: Vehicle Mode

In the first stage, the Tobot V Ultra Commander takes the form of a sleek and powerful car. Its aerodynamic design and vibrant colors make it stand out from the crowd. Get ready to race through the streets and leave your opponents in the dust!

Step 2: Robot Mode

With a few simple twists and turns, the Tobot V Ultra Commander transforms into a mighty robot. Its sturdy build and impressive stature make it the perfect companion for epic battles. Unleash its power and defend the world from evil forces!

Step 3: Extension Mode

But the transformation doesn’t stop there! The Tobot V Ultra Commander has a secret weapon – Tokki. This adorable companion can be attached to the robot, extending its capabilities and adding a touch of charm. Together, they form an unstoppable team!


  • Robot body
  • Tokki


280mm (length) x 115mm (width) x 300mm (height)

Experience the thrill of Tobot V Ultra Commander, the product of Korea. This high-quality toy is designed to provide hours of entertainment and imaginative play. Get ready to embark on exciting adventures and unleash your inner hero!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is this toy suitable for children of all ages?
  2. Yes, the Tobot V Ultra Commander is suitable for children aged 3 and above.

  3. Can the robot mode be posed?
  4. Yes, the robot mode has multiple points of articulation, allowing for various poses.

  5. Is this toy made of durable materials?
  6. Yes, the Tobot V Ultra Commander is made of high-quality materials to ensure durability.


Get ready to experience the ultimate transformation with Tobot V Ultra Commander! This action figure seamlessly transforms from a car to a robot in three stages, providing endless fun and excitement. With its impressive design and innovative features, it’s a must-have for any Tobot fan. Order yours today and join the battle against evil!