ToughBuilt – Meter/Tester Tool Pouch | 5 Pockets and Loops

ToughBuilt – Meter/Tester Tool Pouch | 5 Pockets and Loops

ToughBuilt – Meter/Tester Tool Pouch | 5 Pockets and Loops

About the ToughBuilt Meter/Tester Pouch

The ToughBuilt Meter/Tester Pouch is a revolutionary tool pouch designed specifically for professional electricians. It offers convenient storage for electrical meters and leads, making it an essential accessory for any electrician.

Features and Benefits

  • ClipTech pouch clips on & off any belt
  • ClipTech Hub Included
  • Meter and leads pockets
  • Heavy-duty construction with rivet reinforcement
  • 5 pockets and loops

Convenient and Durable

The ToughBuilt Meter/Tester Pouch offers 5 pockets and loops, providing compact storage for electrical meters and leads. It is designed to be convenient and easy to use, allowing electricians to have quick access to their tools when needed.

With its heavy-duty construction and rivet reinforcement, this pouch is built to withstand the most rigorous working conditions. It is made to last, ensuring that it can handle the demands of professional electricians.

ClipTech Hub and Belt Compatibility

One of the standout features of the ToughBuilt Meter/Tester Pouch is its patented ClipTech Hub. This innovative design allows the pouch to clip on and off any belt, providing versatility and convenience for electricians.

The pouch can be used alone or combined with any ClipTech tool belt or Electrician Pouch, allowing electricians to customize their tool storage setup according to their specific needs.

Perfect for Professional Electricians

The ToughBuilt Meter/Tester Pouch is perfect for professional electricians in various trades and occupations. Whether you are an electrician, construction worker, carpenter, plumber, or technician, this pouch is designed to meet your needs.

It is also suitable for other professions such as maintenance workers, custodians, and janitors. No matter the job, the ToughBuilt Meter/Tester Pouch provides the convenience and durability required for efficient and effective work.

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